And on the 22nd day of the 4th Month of the 13th year, I Made This Site...Just Because...


Digital Strategist & Arch-nemesis of Captain Traditional

Geographically Lebanese - منذ اكثر من عشر سنوات.
Chronically disappointed idealist.

May exhibit symptoms of sardonic  nature normally associated with a limp, a cane and scrufy looks

Recovering from photography after everybody became a photographer

Terminally outspoken with irreversible side-effects

Musically inclined although instrumentally challenged

Perpetual knowledge seeker


My career has lead me into various fields, continuously reinventing myself and my skillsets. Below is a quick illustration of the intricate domains I have worked in. For the more classical types, you can always download my resume, hop over to my LinkedIn profile or just call me up for a chat over something healthy to drink in a smoke-free shop. I am currently a Lightsaber for Hire!
Web, Telecom, Marketing, Social Media, e-Transformation, Communication, Management, Consulting, Lecturing/Facilitating,Business Development, IT


Feel free to reach out using the contact information below or via Social Media for your business inquiries and proposals or simply for getting back in touch.
As a general rule, I will only add actual people I have had business or personal contact with or those who actually take the time to write a few words on why they are interested to connect.
+961 33 99 531
Badaro 2058 7505, Beirut, Lebanon

You are most likely to bump into me in one of these cities